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Biomaterials Science:

An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

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Researchers, scientists, and students in the fields of biomaterials, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, including scientists in biotechnology and industry. In addition, attorneys involved in biomaterials litigation, materials scientists, and medical personnel will find much of interest in this book. This area is well-funded by NIH.

Paperback, 484 pages

Published: May 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-582461-3


  • "...this outstanding text deserves nothing but praise...The editors have brought together 57 authors, all of whom are at the very least extremely knowledgeable in their field, and, at best, are the unquestioned leaders... There is no topic related to biomaterials that is not covered somewhere in this book... The quality of the writing, the arrangement of information and the figures are all outstanding."


  • B.D. Ratner, Biomaterials Science: An Interdisciplinary Endeavor.Materials Science and Engineering--Properties of Materials:J.E. Lemons, Introduction.F.W. Cooke, Bulk Properties of Materials.B.D. Ratner, Surface Properties of Materials.Classes of Materials Used in Medicine:A.S. Hoffman, Introduction.J.B. Brunski, Metals. S.A. Visser, R.W. Hergenrother, and S.L. Cooper, Polymers.N.A. Peppas, Hydrogels. J. Kohnand R. Langer, Bioresorbable and Bioerodible Materials.L.L. Hench, Ceramics, Glasses, and Glass Ceramics.I.V. Yannas, Natural Materials.H. Alexander, Composites.B.D. Ratner and A.S. Hoffman, Thin Films, Grafts, and Coatings.S.W. Shalaby, Fabrics.A.S. Hoffman, Biologically Functional Materials.Biology, Biochemistry, and Medicine--Some Background Concepts:B.D. Ratner, Introduction.T.A. Horbett, Proteins: Structure, Properties, and Adsorption to Surfaces.J.M. Schakenraad, Cells: Their Surfaces and Interactions with Materials.F.J. Schoen, Tissues.Host Reactions to Biomaterials and Their Evaluations:F.J. Schoen, Introduction.J.M. Anderson, Inflammation, Wound Healing, and the Foreign Body Response.R.J. Johnson, Immunology and the Complement System.K. Merritt, Systemic Toxicity and Hypersensitivity.S.R. Hanson and L.A. Harker, Blood Coagulation and Blood-Materials Interaction.F.J.Schoen, Tumorigenesis and Biomaterials.A.G. Gristina and P.T. Naylor, Implant-Associated Infection.Testing Biomaterials:B.D. Ratner, Introduction.S.J. Northup, In Vitro Assessment of Tissue Compatibility.M. Spector and P.A. Lalor, In Vivo Assessment of Tissue Compatibility. S. Hanson and B.D. Ratner, Testing of Blood-Material Interactions.B.H. Vale, J.E. Willson, and S.M. Niemi, Animal Models.Degradation of Materials in the Biological Environment:B.D. Ratner, Introduction.A.J. Coury, Chemical and Biochemical Degradation of Polymers.D.F. Williams and R.L. Williams, Degradative Effects of the Biological Environment on Metals and Ceramics.C.R. McMillin, Mechanical Breakdown in the Biological Environment.Y. Pathak, F.J. Schoen, and R.J. Levy, Pathologic Calcification of Biomaterials.Application of Materials in Medicine and Dentistry:J.E. Lemons, Introduction.D. Didisheim and J.T. Watson, Cardiovascular Applications.S.W. Kim, Nonthrombogenic Treatments and Strategies.J.E. Lemons, Dental Implants.D.C. Smith, Adhesives and Sealants.M.F. Refojo, Ophthalmologic Applications.J.L. Katz, Orthopedic Applications.J. Heller, Drug Delivery Systems.D. Goupil, Sutures.J.B. Kane, R.G. Tompkins, M.L. Yarmush, and J.F. Burke, Burn Dressings.L.S. Robblee and J.D. Sweeney, Bioelectrodes.P. Yager, Biomedical Sensors and Biosensors.Artificial Organs:F.J. Schoen, Introduction.K.D. Murray and D.B. Olsen, Implantable Pneumatic Artificial Hearts.P. Malchesky, Extracorporeal Artificial Organs.Practical Aspects of Biomaterials--Implants and Devices:F.J. Schoen, Introduction.J.B. Kowalski and R.F. Morrissey, Sterilization of Implants.L.M. Graham, D. Whittlesey, and B. Bevacqua, Cardiovascular Implantation.A.N. Cranin, M. Klein, and A. Sirakian, Dental Implantation.S.A. Obstbaum, Ophthalmic Implantation.A.E. Hoffman, Implant and Device Failure.B.D. Ratner, Correlations of Material Surface Properties with Biological Responses.J.M. Anderson, Implant Retrieval and Evaluation.New Products and Standards:J.E. Lemons, Introduction.S.A. Brown, Voluntary Consensus Standards.N.B. Mateo, Product Development and Regulation.B. Ratner, Perspectives and Possibilities in Biomaterials Science.Appendix:S. Slack, Properties of Biological Fluids.Subject Index.


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