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Biomass to Biofuels

This exciting new information resource offers complete coverage of biomass to biofuels, examining all current and emerging feedstocks and the advanced processes and technologies enabling the development of their end products - ranging from solid (wood energy, grass energy, and other biomass) to liquid (biodiesel from oil seed crops, algae biofuel, waste-oil, ethanol etc.) and gaseous/electric (biogas, syngas, bioelectricity). Life cycle analysis, Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI), integrated sustainability assessments, environmental, economic and social issues are all given thorough consideration. Guest authors from industry and academia contribute their expertise to ensure you obtain the most nuanced, comprehensive information. Quizzes, case studies and project ideas will help you to master the technological details included, and connect theory to real-world implementation. Whether you are a professional entering the field, a student exploring the pathways from biomass to biofuels, or an instructor developing a course on biofuels, this book will educate you about the trade-offs between various feedstocks, provide helpful evaluation criteria for biofuel project proposals, and provide a one stop information resource on the hottest new advances in the field, all presented in clear language, and within a practical context that will give you a bird’s eye view, from the field to the refinery and beyond.


Early career biomass professionals, including energy, chemical and agricultural engineers; food scientists; students in Engineering and Agriculture undergraduates and graduates

Hardbound, 416 Pages

Published: September 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407909-0


  • -Biomass to Biofuels: an overview

    -Solid biomass for fuels

    -Liquid Biofuels

    -Gaseous fuels and bioelectricity

    -Advanced Biofuels

    -Pathways of Biomass conversion to Fuel

    -Transportation biofuel including Aviation biofuel

    -Integrated Sustainability Assessments of Biofuels

    -Economics of Biofuels


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