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Biomarkers of Kidney Disease

A biomarker is a molecule that is measured as a marker of normal biological processes, disease processes or the response to a diagnostic or therapeutic intervention. Kidney diseases like acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, glomerular disease, renal cancer and preeclampsia still have a high morbidity. Measurement of biomarkers in the blood or urine that detect patients at risk of kidney diseases or that detect kidney diseases in the earliest stage may ultimately result in preventative or earlier or more effective treatments for kidney diseases.

Biomarkers of Kidney Disease reviews the basic and clinical research on biomarkers of the common kidney diseases including acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, renal cancer, diabetic nephropathy, glomerular disease and preeclampsia. The characteristics of an ideal biomarker of kidney diseases and statistical analysis of biomarker studies is detailed. The latest techniques for biomarker detection like metabolomics and proteomics is covered in the book. This comprehensive book details the latest advances made in the field of biomarker research and development in kidney diseases. The book is an ideal companion for those interested in biomarker research and development, proteomics and metabolomics, kidney diseases, statistical analysis, transplantation and preeclampsia.


Medical and pharmaceutical researchers in nephrology and related renal diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preeclampsia, lupus); fellows and academic clinicians in nephrology, cardiology, urology, transplant, OB/GYN

Hardbound, 454 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-375672-5


  • "The emergence of biomarkers to aid diagnosis, guide treatment, and provide prognosis remains one of the hot topics in nephrology. In this new book edited by Charles Edelstein, experts present the state of the art information on the current development and use of biomarkers for a wide range of kidney diseases, including acute kidney injury, glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, chronic kidney disease, and preeclampsia. I found this book well written and informative, and I would recommend this textbook to anyone interested in new approaches for diagnosing and managing subjects with kidney disease.  While many of the tests are still at the level of investigation, it is heartwarming to see how much has already been done to develop quicker and more accurate ways to diagnose various kidney diseases."

    -Richard J. Johnson, M.D., Temple Hoyne Buell and NKF of Colorado Endowed Professor of Medicine, Chief, Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension, University of Colorado, Denver, USA

    "Biomarkers of Kidney Disease, edited by Charles Edelstein, is an excellent state-of-the-art summary which also includes a comprehensive account of newer biomarker discover strategies, such as metabolomics and proteomics, all illustrated by clear examples. There are timely accounts of both acute and chronic kidney diseases and the topics of cancer, diabetic nephropathy, other glomerular diseases, and pre-ecclampsia all receive careful attention. This book will be a very useful reference for both scientists and nephrologists alike."

    -Professor Zoltán H. Endre, Head, Department of Medicine, University of Otago-Christchurch; Consultant Nephrologist, Christchurch Hospital; Honorary Professor of Medicine University of Queensland & Adjunct Professor University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    "Biomarkers of Kidney Disease explores both the practical and conceptual steps performed in the discovery of biomarkers in kidney disease. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn and gain insight into kidney proteomics and biomarker discovery. It will be most useful for those researchers and clinicians who study and treat kidney disease but students of biomarkers in general will also gain useful insights into this interesting field. The book covers a lot of basics and even experts will pick up a thing or two."

    - Prof. Dr. Hassan Dihazi, Director Clinical Proteomics Laboratories, Nephrology & Rheumatology, University Medical Centre, Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany


  • Chapter 1

    Characteristics of an Ideal Biomarker of Kidney Diseases

    Prasad Devarajan and Michael R. Bennett

    Chapter 2

    Statistical Analysis of Biomarker Studies

    Chirag Parikh and Heather Thiessen Philbrook

    Chapter 3

    Metabolonomics: Screening for Biomarkers of Kidney Disease

    Uwe Christians, Jelena Klawitter, Jost Klawitter, and Jeska Albuisson

    Chapter 4

    Proteomics: Screening for Biomarkers of Kidney Disease

    Uwe Christians, Jelena Klawitter, Jost Klawitter, and Jeska Albuisson

    Chapter 5

    Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury

    Charles Edelstein and Sarah Faubel

    Chapter 6

    Biomarkers of Kidney Transplant Rejection

    Alkesh Jani

    Chapter 7

    Cystatin C-A Biomarker of Risk in Chronic Kidney Disease

    Anders Grubb

    Chapter 8

    Prognostic Biomarkers in Renal Cell Cancer

    Roz Banks and Naveen Vasudev

    Chapter 9

    Biomarkers in Diabetic Nephropathy

    Jon Klein and Michael L. Merchant

    Chapter 10

    Biomarkers in Glomerular Diseases

    John M. Arthur

    Chapter 11

    Diagnostic Markers and Therapeutic Approaches in Preeclampsia

    S. Ananth Karumanchi and Ana Sofia Cerdeira


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