Biological Phosphate Removal from Wastewaters book cover

Biological Phosphate Removal from Wastewaters

Environmental problems caused by the build-up of phosphates in waters, and by the disposal of large volumes of sludges from physical-chemical processes, have increased the interest in phosphorus removal from wastewaters utilizing advanced biological processes that use little or no chemical additives. Topics discussed range from the fundamental microbiology and biochemistry of the enhanced biological removal of phosphate, to practical full-scale plant experiences with phosphorus removal and sludge handling from such processes.

For researchers and practitioners in water management and water treatment industry.


Published: September 1987

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-035592-4


  • Selected papers. Utilization of polyphosphate as an energy reserve in Acinetobacter sp. and activated sludge, J W van Groenestijn & M H Deinema. Metabolic control in polyphosphate - accumulating bacteria and its role in enhanced biological phosphate removal, L H Lotter & I A Dubery. Biochemistry and energetics of biological phosphorus removal, K D Tracy & A Flammino. Simultaneous control of biological phosphorus removal and sludge settleability, P A Wilderer & J Dettmer. Experiments towards establishing the kinetics of biological excess phosphorus removal, M C Wentzel et al. Effect of anaerobic zone on settleability of activated sludge, J Wanner et al. Biological phosphorus removal with and without side-stream precipitation, R Schonberger. Stepped supply process for simultaneous biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater, F Bourdon et al. Influence of return flow phosphorus load on performance of the biological phosphorus removal process, T Murakami et al. Biological removal of phosphates from wastewaters: full-scale experience and operational results with the Phostrip process, G V Levin et al. Improvement to the stability of the biological phosphate removal process at the Johannesburg Northern Works, H A Nicholls et al. Acinetobacter sp. growth in alternate anaerobic-aerobic conditions, V Tandoi et al. Biological phosphorus removal under defined conditions in a fill-and-draw system, K J Appeldoorn & M H Deinema. The influence of low temperature on biological phosphorus removal at Kelowna, Canada, T D Vassos.


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