Biological Aspects of Freshwater Pollution book cover

Biological Aspects of Freshwater Pollution

Ten well-known experts in their specific field illustrate and discuss the fundamentals of the effects of pollution on fresh water organisms, populations and communities, providing an up-to-date picture of research on this crucial problem


Published: October 1979

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-023442-7


  • (partial) Preface

    Studies on the effects of pollution on freshwater fish, J.F. de L.G. Solbé

    Zooplankton ecology and pollution studies, M.P. Tevlin and M.J. Burgis

    Systems of biological indicators for water quality assessment, G. Persoone and N. De Pauw

    The evolution of pollution evidenced by lake sediment pseudofossils, D.A. Murray

    The impact of physical processes on the trophic state of a lake, D.M. Imboden and R. Gocher

    The study of eutrophication of algal benthos by essential metals in artificial rivers, E. Eichenberger

    Heavy metal pollution in freshwater ecosystems, V. Förstner and F. Prosi

    Radioactive contamination of the aquatic food-chain and consequent risk to man, A.A. Cigna

    Biological effects of ionizing radiations in aquatic environment, O. Ravera

    Methodology of waste water treatment, F. Malz


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