Bioinformatics of Behavior: Part 1 book cover

Bioinformatics of Behavior: Part 1

This issue of International Review of Neurobiology is split over 2 volumes, bringing together cutting-edge research on Bioinformatics of Behavior. The 2 volumes review current knowledge and understanding, provide a starting point for researchers and practitioners entering the field, and build a platform for further research and discovery.

Neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists

Hardbound, 216 Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-388408-4


    1. Lost and Found in Behavioral Informatics
    2. Melissa A. Haendel and Elissa J. Chesler

    3. Biological Databases for Behavioral Neurobiology
    4. Erich J. Baker

    5. A Survey of the Neuroscience Resource Landscape: Perspectives from the Neuroscience Information Framework
    6. Jonathan Cachat, Anita Bandrowski, Jeffery S. Grethe, Amarnath Gupta, Vadim Astakhov, Fahim Imam, Stephen D. Larson and Maryann E. Martone

    7. The Neuro-Behavior Ontology: an Ontology for Annotation and Integration of Behavior and Behavioral Phenotypes
    8. Georgios V. Gkoutos and Robert Hoehndorf

    9. Ontologies for Human Behavior Analysis and their Application to Clinical Data
    10. Janna Hastings and Stefan Schulz

    11. Text-Mining & Neuroscience
    12. Kyle H. Ambert and Aaron M. Cohen

    13. Applying in Silico Integrative Genomics to Genetic Studies of Human Disease

      Scott F. Saccone


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