Micro- and Nano-fabrication, Printing, Patterning and Assemblies

Biofabrication is a practical guide to the novel, inherently cross-disciplinary scientific field that focuses on biomanufacturing processes and a related range of emerging technologies. These processes and technologies ultimately further the development of products that may involve living (cells and/or tissues) and nonliving (bio-supportive proteins, scaffolds) components. The book introduces readers to cell printing, patterning, assembling, 3D scaffold fabrication, cell/tissue-on-chips as a coherent micro-/nano-fabrication toolkit. Real-world examples illustrate how to apply biofabrication techniques in areas such as regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering.

In addition to being a vital reference for scientists, engineers and technicians seeking to apply biofabrication techniques, this book also provides an insight into future developments in the field, and potential new applications.

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R&D teams, researchers and

scientists in the fields of

Bioengineering / Biomaterials /

Biofabrication / Biomedical

Engineering / Tissue Engineering;

Regenerative Medicine,

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals,

Mechanical Engineering.

Engineers and Industrial scientists at

pharmaceutical companies, biotech

companies, medical device


Biotechnologists and Process



Book information

  • Published: March 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-2852-7

Table of Contents

Introduction: what is biofabrication?

2. Biofabrication of bio-supportive


3. Biofabrication of cellular and tissue


4. Biofabrication of model systems

5. Device biofabrication

6. Modeling the biofabrication process

7. Industrial implications of


8. Future trends in biofabrication