Biodiesel Science and Technology

From Soil to Oil


  • J C J Bart, University of Messina
  • N Palmeri, ISAB
  • S Cavallaro, University of Messina, Italy

Biodiesel production is a rapidly advancing field worldwide, with biodiesel fuel increasingly being used in compression ignition (diesel) engines. Biodiesel has been extensively studied and utilised in developed countries, and it is increasingly being introduced in developing countries, especially in regions with high potential for sustainable biodiesel production.

Initial sections systematically review feedstock resources and vegetable oil formulations, including the economics of vegetable oil conversion to diesel fuel, with additional coverage of emerging energy crops for biodiesel production. Further sections review the transesterification process, including chemical (catalysis) and biochemical (biocatalysis) processes, with extended coverage of industrial process technology and control methods, and standards for biodiesel fuel quality assurance. Final chapters cover the sustainability, performance and environmental issues of biodiesel production, as well as routes to improve glycerol by-product usage and the development of next-generation products.

Biodiesel science and technology: From soil to oil provides a comprehensive reference to fuel engineers, researchers and academics on the technological developments involved in improving biodiesel quality and production capacity that are crucial to the future of the industry.
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Fuel engineers, researchers and academics on the technological developments involved in improving biodiesel quality and production capacity


Book information

  • Published: February 2010
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-591-0


For anyone involved in commercial biodiesel production or biofuel research at any scale, this is destined to become the standard technical text on the subject. Highly recommended., En Agri
The book represents a comprehensive survey of an important field., Materials World

Table of Contents

Biodiesel as a renewable energy source; Development of non-food agricultural industries for biofuel applications; Oleochemical sources: Basic science, processing and applications of oils; Vegetable oil formulations for utilisation as biofuels; Feedstocks for biodiesel production; Emerging new energy crops for biodiesel production; Transesterification processes for biodiesel production from oils and fats; Biodiesel catalysis; Processes for biodiesel production from unrefined oils and fats; Biocatalytic production of biodiesel; Industrial process technology for biodiesel production; Analytical methods and standards for quality assurance in biodiesel production; Valorisation of the glycerol by-product from biodiesel production; Sustainability and use of biodiesel; Evolution of biodiesel and alternative diesel fuels; Epilogue: Outlook for biodiesel science and technology.