Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes

Edited by

  • D.E. Vance
  • J.E. Vance, University of Alberta, Lipid and Lipoprotein Research Group, Faculty of Medicine, 328 Hermitage Medical Research Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G2S2

The second edition of this book on lipids, lipoprotein and membrane biochemistry has two major objectives - to provide anadvanced textbook for students in these areas of biochemistry,and to summarise the field for scientists pursuing research inthese and related fields.

Since the first edition of this book was published in 1985 theemphasis on research in the area of lipid and membrane biochemistry has evolved in new directions. Consequently, thesecond edition has been modified to include four chapters on lipoproteins. Moreover, the other chapters have been extensivelyupdated and revised so that additional material covering the areas of cell signalling by lipids, the assembly of lipids andproteins into membranes, and the increasing use of molecular biological techniques for research in the areas of lipid, lipoprotein and membrane biochemistry have been included. Each chapter of the textbook is written by an expert in the field, but the chapters are not simply reviews of current literature. Rather, they are written as current, readable summaries of these areas of research which should be readily understandable to students and researchers who have a basic knowledge of general biochemistry. The authors were selected fortheir abilities both as researchers and as communicators. In addition, the editors have carefully coordinated the chapters sothat there is little overlap, yet extensive cross-referencing among chapters.

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Book information

  • Published: December 1991
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89384-0

Reviews excellent introduction for anyone entering almost any field of lipid or lipoprotein research and is an invaluable source of information on a diversity of related topics for those already familiar with one particular aspect.

...ideal for a graduate level course in lipid biochemistry...excellent initial reference...a timely and valuable contribution to the lipid field

Table of Contents

1. Physical Properties and Functional Roles of Lipids in Membranes(Pieter R. Cullis and Michael J. Hope). 2. Lipid Metabolism in Procaryotes (Suzanne Jackowski, John E. Cronan, Jr. and Charles O. Rock). 3. Oxidation of Fatty Acids (Horst Schulz) 4. Fatty Acid Synthesis in Eucaryotes (Alan G. Goodridge). 5. Fatty Acid Desaturation and Chain Elongation in Eucaryotes (Harold W. Cook). 6. Metabolism of Triacylglycerols (David N. Brindley) 7. Phospholipid Metabolism and Cell Signaling in Eucaryotes (Dennis E. Vance) 8. Metabolism, Regulation and Function of Ether-linked Glycerolipidsand their Bioactive Species (Fred Snyder). 9. Phospholipases (Moseley Waite). 10. The Eicosanoids: Cyclooxygenase, Lipoxygenase and Epoxygenase Pathways (William L. Smith, Pierre Borgeat and Frank A. Fitzpatrick). 11. Sphingolipids (Charles C. Sweeley). 12. Cholesterol: Evolution of Structure and Function (Konrad Bloch). 13. Regulation of Sterol Biosynthesis and Isoprenylation of Proteins (Peter A. Edwards). 14. Lipoprotein Structure and Secretion (Roger Davis). 15. Dynamics of Lipoprotein Transport in the Circulatory System (Christopher J. Fielding and Phoebe E. Fielding). 16. Removal of Lipoproteins from Plasma (Wolfgang J. Schneider). 17. Lipid Assembly in Cell Membranes (Dennis R. Voelker). 18. Assembly of Proteins into Membranes (Reinhart A.F. Reithmeier).