Bioactive Nutriceuticals and Food Supplements in Neurological and Brain Disease book cover

Bioactive Nutriceuticals and Food Supplements in Neurological and Brain Disease

Prevention and Therapy

Nutritional supplement research concerning brain health and neurological disease is becoming an important focus. While nutritional supplements are very popular for general health and well being, the effectiveness of common supplements and their impact on general brain health and for the treatment or prevention of neurological disease is not clearly understood. This comprehensive introduction to bioactive nutriceuticals for brain and neurological provides a foundation review for research neuroscientists, clinical neurologists, pharmacology researchers and nutrition scientists on what we know now about these supplements and the brain and where focused research is still necessary.


Neuroscience\Neurology Research, Nutrition Research

Hardbound, 820 Pages

Published: July 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411462-3


  • Section 0: Role of Complementary and alternative supplements: Overview of mechanisms of action and neurological targets

    Section 1: Role of diets, complementary, and alternative supplements in prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

    Section 2: Neurodegenerative diseases and nutriceutical interventions.

    Section 3: Drug and foods and nutriceutical interactions during treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: Toxicities, Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs combined with dietary supplements

    Section 4: Mechanisms of action of nutriceuticals and dietary supplements in neurological disease therapy: Autoimmunity and antioxidant actions


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