Binocular Vision and Orthoptics book cover

Binocular Vision and Orthoptics

Investigation and Management

Based on the highly successful series published in OPTICIAN, this book contains contributions from well known experts in the field. Lavishly illustrated in full colour throughout, Binocular Vision and Orthoptics concentrates on the investigation and management of the most commonly encountered binocular vision anomalies.

Following the success of other books in the BH/Optician series, this text is a highly recommended purchase for all optometrists, orthoptists and dispensing opticians. It will also be a valuable addition to the general ophthalmologist's library.


Published: April 2001

Imprint: Bh Optician

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4713-7


  • Optometric evaluation of binocular vision anomalies; Classification of comitant eye deviations; Optometric management of binocular vision anomalies; Convergence and convergent fusional reserves - investigation and treatment; Anomalies of convergence; Decompensated exophoria at near, convergence insufficiency and binocular instability: diagnosis and the development of a new treatment regimen; Diplopia: when can intractable be treatable?; Suppression: clinical characteristics, assessment and treatment; Anomalous retinal correspondence; Amblyopia and eccentric fixation; Microtropia; Incomitant strabismus; Nystagmus; The medical management of strabismus; Surgical management of binocular vision anomalies; Case studies


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