Benchmarking- Concept and Practice with Particular Reference to the Finance Function


  • . Ghobadian
  • . Woo
  • . Gallearr

Benchmarking is simply an attempt to learn from the experiences of other organisations with superior performance and initiate improvement programmes. Although a simple concept, benchmarking is not simple to implement. It requires careful planning, allocation of resources and creation of conditions conducive to the implementation of the lessons learnt to make it an effective management tool.The report will help practitioners with no experience of benchmarking to develop a clear understanding of the concept. It will also provide them with an overview of practical aspects of benchmarking and examples of its successful application.
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Professional accountancy students and business students


Book information

  • Published: June 2001
  • ISBN: 978-1-85971-488-1

Table of Contents

Executive Summary; Benchmarking in Context; The Finance Function; Analysis of the Survey Data; Case Study 1: BOC Group; Case Study 2: Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Trust; Case Study 3: Cleveland Police; Case Study 4: Portico Housing Association Ltd; Case Study 5: Atotech; Summary and Conclusions; Appendices