Behaviour Problems in Small Animals

Practical Advice for the Veterinary Team


  • Jon Bowen
  • Sarah Heath, BVSc, DipECAWBM(BM), CCAB, MRCVS, European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals), Chester, UK

This new book is suitable for the whole veterinary team, for whom animals presenting with behavioural problems can be a daily recurring problem. It offers practical advice on the best approach to control and treat the animal, as well as giving guidance to the veterinary nurse on how to advise owners on various aspects of pet behaviour problems.

A well-known specialist in the field of small animal behaviour therapy, Sarah Heath here presents practical advice on immediate, effective methods for dealing with problem animals. Aimed specifically at the practice situation, the strength of this book lies in its clear, straightforward approach. The focus is on non-invasive measures, such as behavioural counselling and retraining, rather than the use of drugs or more controversial techniques.
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Book information

  • Published: August 2005
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-0-7020-2767-3

Table of Contents

Part one: Practice tips:
Providing a practical behavior service
Running puppy classes and kitten information evenings

Part two: Basic tools in behavioral medicine:
An overview of canine social behavior and communication
An overview of feline social behaviour and communication
Learning theory made simple
The role of pharmacology in behavioral medicine

Part three: Canine behavioral problems:
Fears, phobias and anxieties
Elimination problems
Training issues
Geriatric behavior issues
Misc. behavior problems

Part four: Feline behavioural problems:
Fears, phobias and anxieties
Elimination problems
Grooming problems
Bonding problems
Geriatric behavior issues
Misc. behavior problems

1. CABTSG Referral form
2. Sample behavior questionnaire
3. Sample handouts for clients
4. Further reading
5. Useful addresses