Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Birds


  • Bridget Stutchbury, Smithsonian Institute
  • Eugene Morton, Smithsonian Institute

This book examines behavioral adaptations of tropical birds in timing of breeding, life history traits, mating systems and parental care, territoriality, communication, and biotic interactions, and emphasizes the many gaps in our knowledge of tropical birds. We urge students and researchers in temperate and tropical regions alike to realize the potential they have for improving our knowledge of avian adaptations far beyond what is currently accepted as gospel. Time is running out.
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Professional ornithologists, conservation biologists, researchers in tropical bird ecology, and students in tropical bird ecology. May also be of interest to amateur bird enthusiasts and visitors to tropics.


Book information

  • Published: December 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-675556-5


s original and valuable book will help to broaden the understanding of avian ecology throughout the world."
— D. Flaspohler, Michigan Technical University, in CHOICE (January 2002)

"This is a stimulating book and a rich source of research ideas written at a level suitable for undergraduates..."
—-Jeremy Lindsell in IBIS (2001)
"The principal strength of this book is the authors' breadth of experience, which provides credibility to their claims. ...I recommend Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Birds to budding behavioral ecologists who are on the prowl for research topics that may alter the directions of the field, and to ecologists in the temperate zone who wonder why their colleagues go to the bother and expense of mounting behavioral research projects in the tropics."
—-Tom A. Langen, Clarkson University, in ECOLOGY (November 2001)

Table of Contents

Preface.Why are Tropical Birds Interesting?Breeding Seasons.Life History Traits.Mating Systems.Territoriality.Communication.Biotic Interactions.References.Index.