Beginning Digital Electronics through Projects book cover

Beginning Digital Electronics through Projects

Digital electronics is a little more abstract than analog electronics, and trying to find a useful starter book can be tough. For those interested in learning digital electronics, with a practical approach, Beginning Digital Electronics Through Projects is for you. It is published in the same tradition as Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects, Andrew Singmin's revision to the popular Beginning Electronics Through Projects. Beginning Digital Electronics Through Projects provides practical exercises, building techniques, and ideas for over thirty-five useful digital projects. Some digital logic knowledge is necessary, but the theory is limited to "need-to-know" information that will allow you to get started right away without complex math. Many components in this text are common to either analog or digital electronics, and beginners or hobbyists making their start here will find and overview of commonly used components and their functions described in everyday terms. Each of the projects builds on the theory and component knowledge developed in earlier chapters, establishing progressively more ambitious goals. Step-by-step learning instructions help you determine the best ways of working with such projects as Schmitt Trigger Circuits, Versatile ICs, Digital Support Circuits, and much more. Two interesting wireless projects (an FM receiver and an FM transmitter) bring the final chapters of this book to a close.

beginning electronics hobbyists or students who want to gain a practical introduction to digital circuits.

Paperback, 224 Pages

Published: December 2000

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7269-6


  • . . .provides practical exercises, building techniques, and ideas for over thirty-five useful digital projects. -Electronic Servicing & Technology


  • Quick review of analog circuit fundamentals; Value and application of analog circuits; Introduction to the basic philosophy of digital circuits; Value and application of digital circuits; Logic gates; Test equipment; TTL digital circuits; Power supply requirements; Truth tables for common building block gates; Digital sources and detectors; High-low state displays; Variable rate low speed pulser; Pulse speed reducer; Threshold level detector; Hi-low trip detector; Pulse stretcher; DC level shifter; Schmitt trigger circuits; Digital pulse train Schmitt oscillator; Power turn-off delay Schmitt; Power turn-on delay Schmitt; Triangle wave Schmitt generator; Schmitt switch debouncer; Digital IC build applications; LS 122 monostable for accurate pulse width generation; LS 75 quad latch for capturing pulse transient events; CD 4072 quad OR gate in a multi-input switching environment; TTL relay driver; Special power supply circuits; RF oscillator stable 6 volt supply; stable IC 5 volt source; IC bridge diode protector; Battery or adapter power supply; Jack socket tutorial; Meter overload protector; Simple 5 volt zener supply; Single chip FM receiver using the TDA 7000 IC; Low power FM transmitter; Plus much more.


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