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A Quality Perspective

Brewing is humankind’s oldest biotechnology. Over the course of the past 125 years a wealth of research has been devoted to the topic of beer and the processes through which it is produced, namely malting and brewing. Because of this, beer is a highly consistent product and much is known about its quality attributes and how they can be delivered to delight the consumer. This book details, with extensive referencing, the research that has been devoted to the range of quality attributes of beer. It is the first book to approach beer in this way and comprises an essential reference for anyone seeking an authoritative account of the science of beer appearance, flavor, stability and wholesomeness.

Employees on the technical production side of the alcoholic beverage industry, students studying the subject and people involved in related and associated biotechnology industries, the brewing industry, as well as academic researchers.

Hardbound, 304 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-669201-3


  • Ch. 1 Beer Foam: Achieving a Suitable HeadCh. 2 Beer FlavourCh. 3 The Flavour Instability of BeerCh. 4 Colloidal Stability of BeerCh. 5 Microbiological Stability of BeerCh. 6 Beer GushingCh. 7 Beer ColorCh. 8 Beer and Health


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