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Becoming a Doctor

Surviving and Thriving in the Early Postgraduate Years

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Becoming A Doctor: Surviving and thriving in the early years covers a range of professional, psychosocial and training issues that new graduates of medicine encounter during the first 2-4 postgraduate years. In making the transition the between medical school and medical practice the junior doctor will face a number of personal professional challenges and this book is designed to offer practical tips on managing clinical responsibility and decision making, career development, specialty colleges and training programs; the internship process; medico-legal and ethical considerations as well as self-care and finding and developing support networks in the early years. Whilst its focus is on Australian and New Zealand medical graduates, the book will also be a useful guide for overseas trained doctors preparing for AMC examinations, Directors of Clinical Training and those involved in mentoring new graduates.

Final year medical students (undergraduates); Junior Medical Officers in postgraduate years 1-3; AMC graduates


Published: August 2011

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7758-8


  • Chapter 1 Making the transition from medical student to junior doctor - Jo Burnand and Alan Sandford

    Chapter 2 The healthcare system. . .what you need to know - Alan Sandford

    Chapter 3 Looking after yourself - Narelle Shadbolt

    Chapter 4 Tools for surviving the junior doctor years - Jo Burnand

    Chapter 5 Communicating effectively as a junior doctor - Jo Burnand

    Chapter 6 Learning and teaching on the job - Fiona Lake

    Chapter 7 Choosing the right career and getting ahead - James D’Rozario

    Chapter 8 Getting the next job: JMO recruitment, job applications and interviews - Jo Burnand

    Chapter 9 Medico-legal and related matters - Jo Burnand and Merrilyn Walton

    Chapter 10 Patient safety and satisfaction: dealing with mistakes and complaints - Merrilyn Walton

    Chapter 11 If things go wrong. . . - Jo Burnand and Narelle Shadbolt

    Chapter 12 Overseas trained doctors - Jo Burnand

    Appendix A The Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors

    Appendix B Resources




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