Be in Charge: A Leadership Manual

How to Stay on Top


  • Alexander Margulis, Cornell University, New York, NY, U.S.A.

Be in Charge: A Leadership Manual defines what "leadership" is. It includes comprehensive coverage on various types of chiefs (including both business and academic) and discusses gender differences in leadership styles. Also included are terrific tips on how to dress as a leader, budget time efficiently, gain loyalty and respect, terminate employees professionally, recruit qualified people, treat adversity in the workplace, survive and enjoy retirement, and much more.
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Anyone wanting to build strong leadership skills, especially professionals in corporate, scientific and academic environments


Book information

  • Published: August 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-471351-2


"Anyone who is currently a leader or who aspires to become one will find it a joy to read." -RADIOLOGY (2003) "...a very readable text with amusing cartoons. ...well worth reading; there is something in it that everyone can learn from." —BRITISH SOCIETY FOR IMMUNOLOGY

Table of Contents

What is leadership? The various types of chiefsGender differences: Equal but. . . Starting: The entrance speech Differences between business and academic chiefs How to dress when you startHow to dress once you are establishedHow to use your office as a theater of operationsHow to budget your timeGaining respectGaining loyaltyHow to treat close associatesHow to treat equalsHow to treat subordinatesTreating adversityHow to recruit and promote talentHow to let your associates goEntertainingHaving a new chiefRecruitingPromotion to the next step of chiefHow to survive away from the jobSaying GoodbyeEpilogue: Surviving and enjoying retirementReferencesLeaders interviewedIndex