Battlefield Tourism

History, Place and Interpretation

Edited by

  • Chris Ryan, Tourism Programme, Centre for Management Studies, The University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Through a series of case studies that involve past conflict in China, the United States, The South Pacific and Europe, the nature of battlefield sites as tourist locations are explored. As places of past conflict and individual acts of heroism, these sites are places of story telling. How are these stories told? And for what purposes are the stories told? The acts and modes of interpretation are many, ranging from a discourse conducted through silences to the more complex nuanced story telling told through re-enactments of past battles. The book also asks where is the battle-field? - as case studies relate to conflicts that ranged over several hundreds of miles, to, on the other hand, acts of local civil disturbance that subsequently achieved mythic values in a history of national identity. The book is divided into 'acts', these being 'Acts of Resource Management', 'Acts of Silence', 'Acts of Discovery and Rediscovery', 'Acts of Imagination' and 'Acts of Remembrance' and embrace examples as diverse as an re-enactment of past battles on a New Zealand rural town cricket pitch to the towering strength of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, and from the Straits of Taiwan to the centre of Canada.
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Academic Researchers, Practitioners and Students.


Book information

  • Published: July 2007
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-045362-0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction Chris RyanActs of Resource Management2. Introduction Chris Ryan3. Echoes of War: Battlefield Tourism Bruce Prideaux4. It’s just a bloody field! Approaches, opportunities and dilemmas of Interpreting English battlefieldsMark Piekarz5. A Proposed Code of Conduct for War Heritage Sites Teresa Leopold6. Jinggangshan Mountain - A Paradigm of China’s Red Tourism Gu Huimin, Chris Ryan and Zhang WeiActs of Silence7. Introduction Chris Ryan8. Post Colonial Representations of Japanese Military Heritage: Political and Social aspects of battlefield tourism in the Pacific and East AsiaMalcolm Cooper9. The Battles of Rangiriri and Batouche – amnesia and memory. Chris Ryan10. Seventy years of waiting: a turning point for interpreting the Spanish civil war?Hugh Smith11. The Legerdemain in the Rhetoric of Battlefield Museums: Historical Pluralism and Cryptic Parti Pris Craig WightActs of Discovery and Rediscovery12. Introduction Chris Ryan13. World War II and Tourism Development in Solomon Islands Charlie Panakera14. Xiamen and Kinmen – from cross-border strife to shopping trips Li-Hui Chang and Chris Ryan 15. Hot war tourism: the live battlefield and the ultimate adventure holiday Mark PiekarzActs of Imagination16. Introduction Chris Ryan17. Cambridge Armistice Day Celebrations – making a carnival of war and the reality of play.Chris Ryan and Jenny Cave18. Re-fighting the Eureka Stockade: managing a dissonant battlefield Warwick Frost19. Re-enacting the Battle of Aiken - honour redeemed Chris RyanActs of Remembrance20. Introduction Chris Ryan21. Yorktown and Patriots Point, Charleston, South Carolina – interpretation and personal perspectivesChris Ryan22. Romanticising Tragedy: Culloden battle site in Scotland Fiona McLean, Mary-Catherine Garden and Gordon Urquhart23. Forts Sumter and Moultrie – summer cruise into a catalyst for war Chris Ryan24. Synthesis and antithesis Chris Ryan