Basic Electronics Math


  • Clyde Herrick, Clyde Herrick is a former instructor with San Jose City College in San Jose, California.

Most students entering an electronics technician program have an understanding of mathematics. Basic Electronics Math provides is a practical application of these basics to electronic theory and circuits.The first half of Basic Electronics Math provides a refresher of mathematical concepts. These chapters can be taught separately from or in combination with the rest of the book, as needed by the students. The second half of Basic Electronics Math covers applications to electronics.
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Electronics Technician programs (FE colleges, technical schools, community colleges, high schools GNVQ)


Book information

  • Published: June 1996
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9727-9


Although written primarily for vocationaltechnical students, this text offers a good refresher course for hobbyists, progressing from a review of basic mathematical concepts to the practical application of these concepts to electronic circuits. - Library Journal 2004

Table of Contents

Arithmetic Fractions * Operations with Powers and Roots of Numbers * Scientific Notation and Powers of Ten * Units - Measurements and the Metric System * Computer Numbering Systems * Introduction to Algebra * Algebraic Multiplication of Mononomials and Polynomials * Division of Mononomials and Polynomials * Equations and Formulas * Factors of Algebraic Expressions * Operations on Algebraic Fractions * Fractional Equations * Network Theorems * Simultaneous Equations and Graphical Solutions * Complex Algebra * Logarithms * Natural Logarithms and Exponential Functions * Fundamentals of Trigonometry * Vector Fundamentals * Principles of Alternating Currents * Boolean Algebra * Answers