Basic and Applied Bone Biology book cover

Basic and Applied Bone Biology

This book provides an overview of skeletal biology from the molecular level to the organ level, including cellular control, interaction and response; adaptive responses to various external stimuli; the interaction of the skeletal system with other metabolic processes in the body; and the effect of various disease processes on the skeleton. The book also includes chapters that address how the skeleton can be evaluated through the use of various imaging technologies, biomechanical testing, histomorphometric analysis, and the use of genetically modified animal models.


Graduate students, medical fellows/residents, researchers, and academic clinicians in the fields of bone biology, endocrinology, osteology, rheumatology, and dentistry.

Hardbound, 390 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416015-6


  • "The textbook was designed for a graduate course in basic bone biology at Indiana University, and many of the contributors teach there or nearly universities. Quite a wide range of biomedical scientists cover basic bone biology and physiology, assessing bone structure and function, skeletal adaptation, hormonal and metabolic effects on bone, and skeletal disease and treatment."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013
    "Basic and Applied Bone Biology provides a comprehensive background of bone science and related research techniques. Topics covered include bone physiology, biomechanics, histomorphometry, skeletal imaging, genetics, and fracture healing; in addition, clinical areas such as metabolic bone diseases and the pharmacological treatment of osteoporosis are discussed. The book is concise, clearly written and beautifully illustrated and will be an invaluable source of information for basic and clinical researchers!"--Juliet Compston, Professor of Bone Medicine, University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine and Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust, Deptartment of Medicine, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    "I have enjoyed instructing graduate students and orthopedic residents in bone physiology but a reoccurring frustration has been the lack of a comprehensive textbook. I was delighted to learn that Drs. Burr and Allen were editing a textbook, Basic and Applied Bone Biology, and found the quality of the presentation to actually exceed my high expectations. The text is very readable and the illustrations informative and exceptionally clear. Based on the diversity of topics I reviewed, this book will be useful for all scientists engaged in bone research as well as students new to the discipline. I look forward to including it in my personal library as well as using it as a textbook!"--Russell T. Turner, PhD, Professor and Director, Skeletal Biology Laboratory, College Of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA


  • Basic Bone Biology and Physiology

    Chapter 1: Bone morphology and organization

    Chapter 2: Bone cells

    Chapter 3: Local regulation of bone cell function

    Chapter 4: Bone modeling and remodeling

    Assessment of Bone Structure and Function

    Chapter 5: Skeletal imaging

    Chapter 6: Skeletal hard tissue biomechanics

    Chapter 7: Techniques in histomorphometry

    Chapter 8: Skeletal genetics

    Skeletal adaptation

    Chapter 9: Mechanical adaptation

    Chapter 10: Fracture healing

    Chapter 11: Craniofacial biology, orthodontics, and implants

    Hormonal and Metabolic Effects on Bone

    Chapter 12: Skeletal growth and development

    Chapter 13: Calcium and phosphate: Hormonal regulation and metabolism

    Chapter 14: Nutrition

    Chapter 15: Hormonal effects on bone cells

    Skeletal disease and treatment

    Chapter 16: Metabolic bone diseases

    Chapter 17: Pharmaceutical treatments of osteoporosis


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