Banking and Finance book cover

Banking and Finance

Managing the Moral Dimension

Jim Lynch provides a fresh in-depth study of the moral pressures experienced by bankers and shows how to tackle them realistically. The reader is guided through the world of banking and finance and shown in practical terms how to balance the moral aspects of banking and its other dimensions. This book treats morality and ethical behaviour as factors which have to be managed effectively if financial services are to weather the storms which lie ahead.



Published: October 1994

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-176-9


  • A new era of banking and finance; The moral dimension of personal behaviour in banking; The moral dimension of organisational behaviour of banking; The moral roots of banking and financial services; Customers perceptions of the moral dimension in banking; Threats to the moral dimension in banking; The touchstones of ethical behaviour in banking; The ethics of stakeholder care in banking; The ethics of relationship banking; Towards a global moral dimension in banking; The future of the moral dimension in banking.


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