Bacteriophages, Part B book cover

Bacteriophages, Part B

Published since 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews providing a valuable overview of the current field of virology.

The impact factor for 2008 is 4.886, placing it 4th in the highly competitive category of virology.


Virologists, microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists.

Included in series
Advances in Virus Research

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: July 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394438-2


  • "A mandatory purchase for all types of comprehensive libraries, both public and university, as well as for those interested in or doing research in the field of virology."--MILITARY MEDICINE

    "This well known to virologists. It is a valuable aid in maintaining an overview of various facets of the rapidly expanding fields of virology...Timely, informative, and useful to the student, teacher, and research scientist."--AMERICAN SCIENTIST


    1. Phage Therapy - History from Twort and D'herelle Through Soviet Experience to Current Approaches
      Nina Chanishvili
    2. Phage as a Modulator of Immune Responses: Practical Implications for Phage Therapy
      A.Górski, R.Międzybrodzki, J.Borysowski, K. Dąbrowska, P.Wierzbicki, M.Ohams, G.Korczak-Kowalska, N. Olszowska-Zaremba, M.Łusiak-Szelachowska, M. Kłak, E. Jończyk, E. Kaniuga, A.Gołaś, S. Purchla, B.Weber-Dąbrowska, S.Letkiewicz, W.Fortuna, K.Szufnarowski, Z.Pawelczyk, P.Rogoż and D.Kłosowska
    3. Clinical Aspects of Phage Therapy
      Ryszard Międzybrodzki, Jan Borysowski, Beata Weber-Dąbrowska, Wojciech Fortuna, Sławomir Letkiewicz, Krzysztof Szufnarowski, Zdzisław Pawełczyk, Paweł Rogóż, Marlena Kłak, Elżbieta Wojtasik and Andrzej Górski
    4. Bacteriophages in the Experimental Treatment of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infections in Mice
      Emilie Saussereau and Laurent Debarbieux
    5. Staphylococcal Phages of Potential Therapeutic Application
      Małgorzata Łobocka, Monika Hejnowicz, Kamil Dąbrowski, Agnieszka Gozdek, Jarosław Kosakowski, Aleksandra Głowacka
    6. Bacteriophage Protein-Protein Interactions
      Roman Häuser, Sonja Blasche, Terje Dokland, Elisabeth Haggård-Ljungquist, Albrecht von Brunn, Margarita Salas, Sherwood Casjens, Ian Molineux and Peter Uetz
    7. Endolysins as Antimicrobials
      Daniel C. Nelson, Mathias Schmelcher, Lorena Rodriguez, Jochen Klumpp, David G. Pritchard, Shengli Dong and David M. Donovan
    8. Phage Recombinases and their Applications
      Kenan C. Murphy
    9. AAA+ Hexameric Viral DNA Packaging Motor Using a "Push Through One-Way Valve" Mechanism
      Hui Zhang, Chad Schwartz, Gian Marco De Donatis and Peixuan Guo


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