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Bacterial Pathogenesis

Established almost 30 years ago, Methods in Microbiology is the most prestigious series devoted to techniques and methodology in the field. Now totally revamped, revitalized, with a new format and expanded scope, Methods in Microbiology will continue to provide you with tried and tested, cutting-edge protocols to directly benefit your research.

Microbiologists, scientists working in infectious diseases, pathogenesis, bacteriology, mycology, plant science, and immunology.

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Methods in Microbiology


Published: July 1998

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-521525-1


  • " excellent job of combining an overview of the basic questions in the study of bacterial pathogens and virulence with descriptions of experimental design and procedures. ...good job of placing this information into and experimental context."
    —David Nunn, University of Illinois, in ASM NEWS (2000)

    "An invaluable resource for the detailed analysis of cellular gene function and genome architecture."
    Praise for the Series, —NATURE


  • Preface.The Detection of Virulence Genes Expressed within Infected Cells,R.H. Valdivia and S. Falkow.Laboratory Safety--Working With Pathogens:P.V. Tearle, Introduction.P.V. Tearle, Safe Working Practices in the Laboratory--Safe Person Strategy.P.V. Tearle, Safe Working Practices in the Laboratory--Safe Place Strategy.Detection, Identification, and Speciation:P. Vandamme, Introduction.M. Ieven, Detection.P. Vandamme, Speciation.P. Vandamme, Identification.Host Interactions - Animals:T.J. Mitchell, Introduction.A.D. Jackson, R.B. Dowling, and R. Wilson, Interaction of Bacteria and Their Products with Tissues in Organ Culture.B. Burke, Transgenic and Knockout Animals in the Study of Bacterial Pathogenesis.T.S. Wallis, Interactions of Bacteria and their Products in Whole Animals Systems.D. Charboneau and J.B. Rubins, Interaction of Bacteria and their Products with Tissue Culture Cells.Host Interactions - Plants:M.J. Daniels, Introduction.M.J. Daniels, Testing Pathogenicity.A. Collmer and S.V.Beer, hrp Genes and Their Function.U. Bonas, Avirulence Genes.B. Py, F. Barras, S. Harris, N. Robson, and G.P.C. Salmond, Extracellular Enzymes and Their Role in Erwinia Virulence.C.L. Bender, Bacterial Phytotoxins.S.E. Lindow, Epiphetic Growth and Survival.Biochemical Approaches:K. Hardie and P. Williams, Introduction: Fractionation of Bacterial Cell Envelopes.C.D. OConnor, M. Farris, L.G. Hunt, and J.N. Wright, The Proteome Approach.N.B.L. Powell, Microscopic Approaches to the Study of Bacterial Cell-associated Virulence Determinants.J. Holland and A. Gorringe, Characterization of Bacterial Surface Receptor-Ligand Interactions.R.E. Sockett, Characterizing Flagella and Motile Behavior.P. Klemm, M. Schembri, B. Stentebjerg-Olesen, H. Hasman, and D.L. Hasty, Fimbriae: Detection, Purification, and Characterization.C. Whitfield and M.B. Perry, Isolation and Purification of Cell Surface Polysaccharides from Gram-negative Bacteria.C. Whitfield and M.B. Perry, Structural Analysis of Cell Surface Polysaccharides from Gram-negative Bacteria.K.D. Young, Techniques for Analysis of Peptidoglycans.M.M. Moayeri and R.A. Welch, Bacterial Ecotoxins.A. Filloux and K.R. Hardie, A Systematic Approach to the Study of Protein Secretion in Gram-negative Bacteria.M. Càmara, M. Daykin, and S.R. Chhabra, Detection, Purification, and Synthesis of N-Acylhomoserine Lactone Quorum Sensing Signal Molecules.A.W. Smith, Iron Starvation and Siderophore-Mediated Iron Uptake.Molecular Genetic Approaches:C.J. Dorman, Introduction.J.C.D. Hinton, Genetic Approaches to the Study of Pathogenic Salmonellae.D.W. Holden and M. Hensel, Signature Tagged Mutagenesis.S.-L. Lui and K.E. Sanderson, Physical Analysis of the Salmonella typhimurium Genome.H. Yu, J.C. Boucher, and V. Deretic, Molecular Analysis of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Virulence.V. Scarlato, D. Beier, and R. Rappuoli, Molecular Genetics of Bordetella Pertussis Virulence.A.H.M. Van Vliet, A.C. Wood, J. Henderson, K. Woolridge, and J.M. Ketley, Genetic Manipulation of Enteric Campylobacter Species.S. Schäferkordt, E.Domann, and T. Chakraborty, Molecular Approaches for the Study of Lysteria.T.J. Foster, Molecular Genetic Analysis of Staphylococcal Virulence.M.A. Scidmore, J. Bannantine, and T. Hackstadt, Molecular Approaches to Studying Chlamydia.Gene Expression and Analysis: by I. Roberts.Host Reactions - Animals:M. Roberts, Introduction.F.D. Menozzi and C. Locht, Strategies for the Study of Interactions between Bacterial Adhesins and Glycosaminoglycans.I. Rosenshine, Cytoskeletal Rearrangements Induced by Bacterial Pathogens.C. von Eichel-Streiber, M. Weidmann, M. Giry and M. Moos, Activation and Inactivation of Ras-like GTPases by Bacterial Cytotoxins.P. Everest, M. Roberts, and G. Dougan, Strategies for the Use of Gene Knockout Mice in the Investigation of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology.Host Reactions - Plants, C.S. Bestwick, I.R. Brown, J.W. Mansfield, B. Boher, M. Nicole, and M. Essenberg.Strategies and Problems for Disease Control:A. Cravioto, Introduction.A. Cravioto, R. Cabrera, C. Eslava, and Y. Lopez-Vidal, Strategies for Control of Common Infectious Diseases Prevalent in Developing Countries.C.F. Amábile-Cuevas, R. Cabrera, L.Y. Fuchs, and F. Valenzuela, Antibiotic Resistance and Prescription Practices in Developing Countries.Internet Resources for Research on Bacterial Pathogenesis, by M. PallenIndex.


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