Background Screening and Investigations book cover

Background Screening and Investigations

Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives

Hiring highly qualified people is crucial to every company, and Background Screening and Investigations is an essential guide to succeeding in a turbulent business environment. A crucial part of any hiring process should be employment background screening, pre- and post-hire, which gives hiring personnel a glimpse into a person's past behavior patterns, propensities, and likely future behavior. Background Screening and Investigations describes all aspects of the employment background screening processes - its history and evolution, the imperative for implementing a screening process, and the creation of a comprehensive policy. Nixon and Kerr show how security and human resources professionals can work together to negotiate legal hurdles and make their background screening process successful.

Security managers, security consultants, Human Resource professionals, threat management teams, legal professionals, and risk assessment professionals.

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: March 2008

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8256-5


  • Chapter 1: Managing Risk in the Hiring Process Chapter 2: Legal Issues in Background Screening Chapter 3: The Role of Security in the Hiring Process Chapter 4: Insights from Background Screening Surveys Chapter 5: Background Checking Policy Chapter 6: Make or Buy Chapter 7: The New Focus on Protecting Personal Identifiable Information Chapter 8: Infinity Screening: Neverending Background Screening Chapter 9 – Screening Strategies for Temporaries: Casual Labor; Consultants; Contractors and Vendors Chapter 10 - Background Screening of Vendors, Companies, Consultants, Contractors, and Temporary Agencies Chapter 11 - The Special Case of Sexual Offenders Chapter 12 – International Background Checks: The New Frontier in Employment Screening Chapter 13 - Future Trends in Background Screening


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