Ayurvedic Medicine

The Principles of Traditional Practice


  • Sebastian Pole, LicOHM, AyurHC, Ayurvedic and Chinese Practitioner, Bath, UK

Ayurvedic Medicine brings the unique theories and traditions of Ayurveda alive so that they are accessible to the complementary health practitioner of today. This book offers a clear, accessible and yet detailed guide to Ayurvedic herbalism. It encompasses a brief history of the growth of Ayurveda , a discussion of its fundamental principles, treatment strategies as well as the energetic approach of traditional Ayurvedic herbal pharmacy and pharmacology. It also emphasizes the importance of using sustainably harvested herbs in clinical practice. The introductory "theoretical" chapters complement the core of the book that includes over 100 plant profiles of Ayurvedic herbs and 50 traditional formulas.
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Book information

  • Published: August 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-10090-1

Table of Contents

Introduction. History of the Ayurvedic material medica. Ayurvedic philosophy and basic principles. Pharmacology and energetics. Treatment. Plant profiles. Single herb profiles. Formula Profiles. Appendix. Glossary. Treatment Glossary. Resources. References. Index