Autophagy in Health and Disease book cover

Autophagy in Health and Disease

Autophagy in Health and Disease offers an overview of the latest research in autophagy with a translational emphasis. This publication takes scientific research in autophagy a step further and offers integrated content with advancements in autophagy from cell biology and biochemical research to clinical treatments. A necessary reference for the bookshelf of medical and scientific researchers and students, Autophagy in Health and Disease presents high quality, reputable information on autophagy, allowing the reader quick access to the most applicable information.


Researchers, graduate students, and professionals studying autophagy across cell biology, biochemistry, medicine, and biomedical sciences.

Hardbound, 240 Pages

Published: October 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385101-7


  • "...provides pertinent coverage of the cardiovascular system, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, as well as conditions such as diabetes and ischemia...a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students, and professionals."--Anticancer Research, February 2015


    1. Overview: Removal of Aggregates and Organelles
    2. Machinery and Genetics of Autophagy
    3. Autophagy in the Cardiovascular System
    4. Autophagy in the Immune System
    5. Autophagy in the GI Tract
    6. Autophagy in the Endocrine System
    7. Development
    8. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
    9. Ischemia/Reperfusion
    10. Drug Discovery
    11. Measuring Autophagy in Vivo
    12. Aging, Nutrition, and Lifestyle


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