Automotive Engineering

Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body

  • William Ribbens, Professor of Electronic Engineering at the University of Michigan; conducts research in automotive and aircraft electronics at the Vehicular Electronics Laboratory
    • Heinz Heisler, MSc, BSc, FIMI, MIRTE, MCIT, Principal Lecturer, School of Transport Studies, Willesden College of Technology, London, UK
      • Michael Blundell, University of Coventry, UK
        • Damian Harty, Senior Staff Engineer at Polaris Industries, Minnesota, USA.
          • Jason Brown, Cranfield University, UK
            • Stan Serpento, General Motors, US
              • A J Robertson, Cranfield University, UK
                • T. K. Garrett, Formerly Editor of Automobile Engineer magazine
                  • John Fenton, Former editor of 'Automotive Engineer', UK
                    • Geoffrey Davies, Fellow Institute of Materials MSc University of Oxford, Materials consultant and former head of body materials selection at BMW (UK)
                      • Ron Hodkinson, Managing Director of Fuel Cell Control
                        • Julian Happian-Smith, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), UK
                          • Matthew Harrison, Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Cranfield University, UK
                            • David Hoyle, International management consultant with over 30 years' experience in quality management
                              • A. J. MARTYR, Test industry expert with 40+ years' experience, most recently with AVL, UK
                                • Hans Pacejka, Professor of Vehicle Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Editor in Chief of the journal Vehicle System Dynamics. Secretary General and President of the International Association for Vehicle System Engineering. Consultant TNO Automotive.
                                  • Jornsen Reimpell, Consultant, Germany
                                    • Ljubo Vlacic, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
                                    • Edited by

                                      • David Crolla

                                      A one-stop reference for automotive and other engineers involved in vehicle and automotive technologies. The book provides essential information on each of the main automotive systems (engines; powertrain and chassis; bodies; electrical systems) plus critical external factors that engineers need to engage with, such as hybrid technologies, vehicle efficiency, emissions control and performance optimization.
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                                      Vehicle design engineers and analysts;Automotive engineers and NVH (noise vibration and harshness) engineers in the automotive and transportation industry. Mechanical engineers, vehicle designers, dynamic specialists


Book information

  • Published: July 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-577-7

Table of Contents

1 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINE DESIGN1.1 Piston Engines Cycles of Operation2 ENGINE TESTING2.1 Measurement of torque, power, speed and fuel consumption; acceptance and type tests, accuracy of the measurements3 ENGINE EMISSIONS3.1 Emissions Control4 DIGITAL ENGINE CONTROL4.1 Digital Engine Control Systems5 TRANSMISSIONS5.1 Transmissions and driveline6 ELECTRIC VEHICLES6.1 Battery/fuel cell EV design packages7 HYBRID VEHICLES7.1 Hybrid vehicle design8 SUSPENSIONS8.1 Types of suspension and drive9 STEERING9.1 Steering10 TYRES10.1 Tyres and wheels11 HANDLING11.1 Tyre Characteristics and Vehicle Handling and Stability12 BRAKES12.1 Braking Systems13 VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEMS13.1 Vehicle Motion Control14 STRUCTURAL DESIGN14.1 Terminology and overview of vehicle structure types14.2 Standard sedan (saloon) – baseline load paths15 VEHICLE SAFETY15.1 Vehicle safety16 MATERIALS16.1 Design and material utilization16.2 Materials for consideration and use in automotive body structures17 AERODYNAMICS17.1 Body design: Aerodynamics18 REFINEMENT18.1 Vehicle refinement: purpose and targets19 INTERIOR NOISE19.1 Interior noise: assessment and control20 EXTERIOR NOISE20.1 Exterior noise: assessment and control21 INTRUMENTATION AND TELEMATICS21.1 Automotive Instrumentation and Telematics