Automation and Instrumentation for Power Plants book cover

Automation and Instrumentation for Power Plants

An analysis of power systems, control hardware, modelling and simulation, instrumentation, and computers and distributed systems. The stability of plants and their interaction in a multi-machine system is also discussed, as well as an analysis of the values of LOFT ATWS EVENT for PWR and the new algorithm of on-line ELD for thermal power plants.

For control, electrical and electronic engineers, computer scientists, power plant operators and nuclear engineers.

Included in series
IFAC Symposia Series


Published: January 1989

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-034197-2


  • (partial) Plenary papers: recent trends in power plant control, W Strumer. Computer-aided control system design (CACSD): some perspectives, I G Sarma. Hydroelectric power station control systems, G Weisrock. A distributed control and monitoring system for nuclear power plants, J G Cornillon. Recent trends in distributed process control computers, V Rajaraman. Advanced diagnostic systems for thermoelectric plants operation, E Amendola et al. Control theory: On-line power system topological observability analysis algorithms: a comparative study, E D Crainic et al. Decoupled state-estimation in energy control centres, P B Subramanyam et al. The realisation of decentralised control for large-scale power systems, Chen Yuliu et al. Determination of transient stability-constrained plant generation limits, V Vittal et al. Variable structure controller for direct cycle boiling water reactor power plant, A Y Sivaramakrishnan et al. Analysis of a loft ATWS event for PWR using the autoregressive model, Zhao Yangping & Gao Huanhun. A new algorithm of on-line ELD for thermal power plants, Y Tamura & S Hagiwara. Integrated approach to cogeneration planning, control and management, R N Basu & L L Cogger. Control hardware: An implicit self-tuning regulator as a power system stabilizer, N C Pahalawaththa et al. Automatic power control system of Dhruva nuclear reactor, B R Bairi & D Das. A microcomputer based adaptive stabiliser for static VAR compensators in power systems, P K Dash et al. Instrumentation: Measurement based control of power systems, A G Phadke & J S Thorp. Computer based instrumentation for nuclear power station, P K Patwardhan et al.


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