Authorities on Benchmarking

The State of Benchmakring in UK Local Government


  • M. Bowerman
  • Amanda Ball

This report researches what is currently being done in the name of benchmarking by local authorities.There was benchmarking activity in the local authority sector long before the idea was popularised in the private sector. Benchmarking, in the form of cost and activity comparisons, has been practiced in UK local government since the 1970s. The implementation in 1997 of Best Value, a major new policy initiative in local government, has proved catalytic and benchmarking has burgeoned.The report presents a number of case studies into the use of benchmarking including the County Council, City Council and Police Force and gives detailed conclusions and recommendations.
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Book information

  • Published: June 2001
  • ISBN: 978-1-85971-461-4

Table of Contents

Executive Summary; Motives, Methods and Objectives for the Project; Local Authority Benchmarking in Context; The County Council Case Study; The Metropolitan Borough Council Case Study; The City Council Case Study; The Police Force Case Study; Analysis of Case-study Themes; Conclusions and Recommendations; References.