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Attention Deficit Disorder

Current Concepts and Emerging Trends in Attentional and Behavioral Disorders of Childhood

This book presents the Proceedings of the Fourth High Point Hospital Symposium on Attention Deficit Disorder. This symposium was characterised by both current and retrospective reviews of several existing research programs in ADD, and focused on the very recent history of ADD, paralleling the thrust towards preeminence of the clinical neurosciences. The format of the Symposium was designed to link emerging trends in the area to their immediate historical background. Several young researchers were invited to give their status reports on their current research programs. Each of these individuals was also asked to nominate a mentor, who had exerted a career directing influence, to comment on the status report. Taken together, these presentations, along with the retrospective commentaries of the mentors will give the reader a comprehensive breakdown of the ADD field.

For pediatricians, educators, psychologists and child neurologists and psychiatrists.


Published: May 1990

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-036508-4


  • Of all the contributions, Susan Campbell's paper on 'Longitudinal research on early predictors of hyperactivity and aggression', is the most informative, and superbly presented. Hinshaw's paper on 'comparing and combining pharmacological and psychosocial interventions' is the most stimulating in its novelty of approaches.
    British Journal of Psychiatry


  • Contributors. Acknowledgements. Prefaces. Introduction. The role of social status variables in differentiating subgroups of hyperactive children, R Milich & S Landau. Dose-response effects of stimulant drugs: a clarification of issues, K D Gadow. Adoption and Attention Deficit Disorder, C K Deutsch. Paired-associate learning in the assessment of ADD-H children, J M Swanson. Longitudinal research on active and aggressive preschoolers: predictors of problem severity at school entry, S B Campbell. The psychopharmacological investigation of Attention Deficit Disorder, A J Zametkin. Behavior therapy, behavioral assessment, and psychostimulant medication in the treatment of attention deficit disorders: an interactive approach, W E Pelham. The problem of stimulus control and rule-governed behavior in Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity, R A Barkley. Can Skinnerian Theory explain Attention Deficit Disorder? - a reply to Barkley, V I Douglas. In search of processing deficits of attention in ADD-H children, J A Sergeant. Pharmacologic and psychosocial interventions for children with ADD: comparative and combined outcomes, S H Hinshaw. Some research issues in attention deficit, E Taylor. Index.


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