Atomic Force Microscopy in Process Engineering

An Introduction to AFM for Improved Processes and Products


  • W. Richard Bowen, i-NewtonWales, Swansea, UK
  • Nidal Hilal, Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research (CWATER,) Swansea University, U.K.

This is the first book to bring together both the basic theory and proven process engineering practice of AFM. It is presented in a way that is accessible and valuable to practising engineers as well as to those who are improving their AFM skills and knowledge, and to researchers who are developing new products and solutions using AFM.

The book takes a rigorous and practical approach that ensures it is directly applicable to process engineering problems. Fundamentals and techniques are concisely described, while specific benefits for process engineering are clearly defined and illustrated. Key content includes: particle-particle, and particle-bubble interactions; characterization of membrane surfaces; the development of fouling resistant membranes; nanoscale pharmaceutical analysis; nanoengineering for cellular sensing; polymers on surfaces; micro and nanoscale rheometry.

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Practising chemical, biochemical and process engineers, research and development engineers and scientists


Book information

  • Published: July 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-517-3

Table of Contents

1. Basic Principles of Atomic Force Microscopy
Daniel Johnson, Nidal Hilal, W. Richard Bowen

2. Measurement of Particle and Surface Interactions Using Force Microscopy
Nidal Hilal, Daniel Johnson, W. Richard Bowen, Paul M. Williams

3. Quantification of Particle-Bubble Interactions Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Nidal Hilal, Daniel Johnson

4. Investigating Membranes and Membrane Processes with Atomic Force Microscopy
W. Richard Bowen, Nidal Hilal

5. AFM and Development of (Bio)Fouling Resistant Membranes
Nidal Hilal, W. Richard Bowen, Daniel Johnson, Huabing Yin

6. Nanoscale Analysis of Pharmaceuticals by Scanning Probe Microscopy
Clive J. Roberts

7. Micro/Nanoengineering and AFM for Cellular Sensing
Huabing Yin, Gordon McPhee, Phil Dobson

8. Atomic Force Microscopy and Polymers on Surfaces
Vasileios Koutsos

9. Application of AFM for the Study of Tensile and Microrheological Properties of Fluids
Matthew S. Barrow, P. Rhodri Williams

10. Future Prospects
W. Richard Bowen and Nidal Hilal