Atmospheric Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides book cover

Atmospheric Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides

Eastern North American Source-Receptor Relationships

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Researchers in meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry, climatic modeling, pollution control, civil engineering, and geochemistry.


Published: February 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-347255-7


  • "This book is a synthesis of EPRI-sponsored studies. The application of numerous techniques to analyze EPRI data has great value and usefulness as mehods examples. The book provides a good sense of our understanding of atmospheric and chemical processes in the mid-1980s. The author tries to avoid overselling the degree of our knowledge, which is refreshing. As a reference, the book has much to offer and ought to be included in many reference collections. Many results and interpretations will be superseded by newer research, but the tools and techniques will remain."


  • Introduction. Climatological Factors in Eastern North America. Characterization of Regional Air and Deposition Chemistry. Air Chemistry and Atmospheric Processes. Inherent Variability in Deposition Chemistry. Theoretical Inference of Source-Receptor Relationships. Retrospective. Appendix A: Chemical Conversion and Deposition Processes. Appendix B: Atmospheric Visibility. References. Subject Index.


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