Atmospheric Chemical Compounds book cover

Atmospheric Chemical Compounds

Sources, Occurrence and Bioassay

This practical reference examines the structure and properties of the atmosphere, including listings of compounds in clouds, fog, rain, snow, and ice; a listing of compounds detected in the stratosphere; and a compendium of compounds in indoor air. An introduction to carcinogenicity and bioassay of atmospheric compounds is also presented. Readers will find the extensive cross-referencing especially useful--compounds can be located by chemical type, name, CAS registry number, or source.

Hardbound, 732 Pages

Published: May 1986

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-294485-7


  • "This book should serve as a useful reference book on the identity and the source of compounds present in the atmosphere because of its complete coverage. It should also be most useful to those involved in making measurements on compounds in the atmosphere in getting into the toxicological literature on the compounds of interest."


  • Introduction.Inorganic Compounds.Hydrocarbons.Ethers.Alcohols.Ketones.Aldehydes.Organic Acid Derivatives.Organic Acids.Heterocyclic Oxygen Compounds.Nitrogen-Containing Organic Compounds.Sulfur-Containing Organic Compounds.Halogen-Containing Organic Compounds.Organometallic Compounds.Synthesis and Summary.References.Indexes: Authors; Species Names; CAS Registry Numbers; Sources of Atmospheric Compounds; Subjects.


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