Atlas of the Developing Rat Nervous System book cover

Atlas of the Developing Rat Nervous System

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Researchers and advanced students in neuroscience, physiology, anatomy/histology, and developmental biology


Published: October 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-547610-2


  • "The atlas in indeed comprehensive, comprising eight series of photomicrographs and drawings from Nissi stained sections... The atlas can be recommended to those interested in studying the structural or neurochemical development of the normal rat brain and is useful for those interested in prenatal neurophathology following intrauterine exposure to toxins or other harmful agents. It can also be recommended to neuroscientists interested in explant of brain slice cultures (or co-cultures), and to scientists involved in fetal neural trans-plantation... The authors and publishers are to be commended for the thoroughness with which the atlas has been prepared."


  • Introduction. Dating Embryos and Other Nomenclature Questions.Timed Pregnancies.Names of Structures.The Bases of Delineation of Structures.Photography.Drawings.Histology:Embryonic Day 14 Coronal (E14 Cor).Embryonic Day 14 Sagittal (E14 Sag).Embryonic Day 16 Coronal (E16 Cor).Embryonic Day 16 Sagittal (E16 Sag).Embryonic Day 17 Coronal (E17 Cor).Embryonic Day 19 Coronal (E19 Cor).Embryonic Day 19 Sagittal (E19 Sag).Postnatal Day 0 (P0).References.List of Structures.Index of Abbreviations.Figures.


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