Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgery with DVD


  • Constantine Frantzides, MD, PhD, FACS, Director, Chicago Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Skokie, IL
  • Mark Carlson, MD, FACS, Mark A. Carlson, MD, FACS Associate Professor, Department of Surgery University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, Nebraska

This first of its-kind reference shows you how to perform today’s laparoscopic procedures using videos demonstrating the step-by-step how-to’s you need to know. Nearly 30 videos on DVD—each 10-20 minutes long, with narration—describe the key steps for all of the commonly-performed minimally invasive procedures. In addition to the procedures on DVD, a full-color standard operative atlas is included—illustrated with nearly 400 photos and line drawings addressing the key portions of each surgical procedure—providing complete details on the technical considerations of each operation. Inclusion of cutting-edge technology helps you incorporate these advances into your repertoire. Coverage by top experts in the field—including Dr. Frantzides and Dr. Carlson, leading authorities on laparoscopic procedures—ensures guidance you can trust.
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General Surgery


Book information

  • Published: September 2008
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-1-4160-4108-5

Table of Contents


1. Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy, Michael Kent and James D. Luketich

2. Laparoscopic Esophagomyotomy, Eric S. Hungness and Nathaniel J. Soper

3. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, Constantine T. Frantzides and Mark A. Carlson

4. Laparoscopic Hiatal Herniorrhaphy, Constantine T. Frantzides, Frank A. Granderath, Ursula M. Granderath, and Mark A. Carlson


5. Laparoscopic Total Gastrectomy for Malignancy, Manish Parikh and Alfons Pomp

6. Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y Gastrojejunostomy, Constantine T. Frantzides and John G. Zografakis

7. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding, Atul K. Madan, John G. Zografakis, and Constantine T. Frantzides

8. Minimally Invasive Sleeve Gastrectomy, Tallal M. Zeni

9. Minimally Invasive Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, Manish Parikh, Michel Gagner, and Alfons Pomp

10. Risk Assessment as a Guide to Thrombosis Prophylaxis in Bariatric Surgical Patients, Joseph A. Caprini


11. Minimally Invasive Procedures on the Small Intestine, Tallal M. Zeni, Willem A. Bemelman, and Constantine T. Frantzides

12. Laparoscopic Feeding Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy, Cedric S. F. Lorenzo and Kenric M. Murayama


13. Hand-Assisted Minimally Invasive Right Colectomy, Kirk A. Ludwig

14. Minimally Invasive Transverse Colectomy, Constantine T. Frantzides, Luis E. Laguna, and Mark A. Carlson

15. Minimally Invasive Left Colectomy, Constantine T. Frantzides, George E. Polymeneas, and Mark A. Carlson

16. Minimally Invasive Total Colectomy, Morris E. Franklin, Jr., and Guillermo Portillo

17. Minimally Invasive Low Anterior Resection and Abdominal Perineal Resection, Hubert A. Prins and Antonio M. Lacy

18. Minimally Invasive Proctocolectomy and Ileal Pouch–Anal Anastomosis, Daniel A. Lawes and Tonia M. Young-Fadok

19. Laparoscopic Appendectomy, John G. Zografakis


20. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson, and Minh Luu

21. Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration and Intraoperative Cholangiography, Joseph B. Petelin

22. Laparoscopic Hepaticojejunostomy, Saleh Baghdadi and Basil J. Ammori


23. Minimally Invasive Distal Pancreatectomy, Malcolm M. Bilimoria, Constantine T. Frantzides, Minh Luu, and Luis E. Laguna

24. Minimally Invasive Splenectomy, Albert Chi, John G. Zografakis, and Michael J. Demeure


25. Minimally Invasive Transperitoneal Nephrectomy, Matthew D. Dunn and Josh Hsu

26. Minimally Invasive Adrenalectomy, Emery L. Chen and Richard A. Prinz


27. Laparoscopic Preperitoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair, George S. Ferzli and Eric D. Edwards

28. Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair, Constantine T. Frantzides, John G. Zografakis, and Mark A. Carlson

29. Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair, Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson, and John G. Zografakis

30. Laparoscopic Repair of Diaphragmatic Hernia Not Involving the Hiatus, Constantine T. Frantzides, Atul K. Madan, and Mark A. Carlson


31. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in the Era of Laparoscopic Surgery, Charles E. Edmiston, Jr.

32. Anesthetic Implications for Laparoscopic Surgery, Joseph W. Szokol and Martin Nitsun

33. Instrumentation in Laparoscopic Surgery, Tallal M. Zeni, Constantine T. Frantzides, and Ronald E. Moore, Jr