Atlas of Equine Endoscopy book cover

Atlas of Equine Endoscopy

Atlas of Equine Endoscopy is a practical reference guide to minimally invasive equine endoscopy of various organ systems. Because endoscopy is now widely used by equine practitioners, this atlas focuses less on basic principles and more on its use as a diagnostic tool. Coverage includes both normal and abnormal findings, with more than 575 high-definition images, captured by digital camera. Each procedure is discussed consistently, addressing relevant normal anatomy followed by categories of disorders such as neoplasia, inflammation, and abscesses.


Published: November 2003

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-01848-7


  • Part One Instrumentation and Documentation
    1. Endoscopic instrumentation
    2. Endoscopic documentation
    Part Two The Art of Endoscopy
    3. Rhinoscopy
    4. Pharyngoscopy and laryngoscopy
    5. Endoscopic examination of the guttural pouches
    6. Tracheobronchoscopy
    7. Esophagoscopy
    8. Gastroscopy and duodenoscopy
    9. Cystoscopy
    10. Mare reproductive tract
    11. Stallion reproductive tract
    12. Proctoscopy
    13. Treadmill pharyngoscopy and laryngoscopy
    14. Miscellaneous endoscopic procedures


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