Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management

Edited by

  • Peter Barnes, DM FRS FMedSci, Head of Respiratory Medicine, Imperial College, London, UK, Airway Disease Section, National Heart and Lung Institute
  • Ian Rodger, Merck Frosst Canada Inc., Point Claire-Dorval, Quebec, Canada
  • Neil Thomson, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland

Now available in its Third Edition, Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management has become the reference text in asthma. This highly successful text sheds new light on the basic physiological and molecular mechanisms of asthma, how current treatments work, and how best to apply the latest knowledge to control this important disease. The Third Edition has undergone radical revision and includes several new chapters. It retains the virtues of the previous volumes by bringing together all of the recent research findings by internationally recognized experts on the causative mechanisms of asthma, including in-depth clinical aspects and therapy. The book presents an integrated approach toward the treatment of this disease with new concepts, changes in asthma management, and the development of new therapeutic agents. Asthma provides extensive references for researchers and clinicians who need to keep abreast of recent developments in this rapidly expanding field.
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Researchers, teachers, and clinicians in asthma and respiratory medicine in universities, medical schools, and industry. Undergraduates and postgraduates in medicine and science.


Book information

  • Published: April 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-079027-2


"This book is clearly written... each chapter is extensively referenced and as up to date as possible... essential reading for academics and researchers in the field of asthma."
Reviews of the Second Edition, --RESPIRATORY MEDICINE

"This is still the only book on asthma that brings together recent information on basic mechanisms and covers in depth clinical aspects and therapy."

Table of Contents

M. Sears, Epidemiology.B. Meijer, E. Bleecker, and D. Postma, Genetics of Asthma.P. Jeffrey, Airway Pathology in Asthma.N. Pride, Physiology.L.J. Janssen, E.E. Daniel, and I.W. Rodger, Airway Smooth Muscle Cells.F.L. Pearce, Mast Cells and Basophils.C.M. Hawrylowicz and T.H. Lee, Monocytes, Macrophages and Dendritic Cells.P. Venge, The Eosinophil.G. Anderson, Lymphocytes.J.L. Devalia, M.M. Abdelaziz, and R.J. Davies, Epithelial Cells.Y.C. Liu, A.M. Khawaja, and D.F. Rogers, Pathophysiology of Airway Mucus Secretion in Asthma.D.J. Godden, Tracheobronchial Circulation.A. Wardlaw, Adhesion Molecules.C. Persson, Microvascular-EpithelialExudation of Plasma.P.M. OByrne, Prostaglandins and Thromboxane.J. Drazen, Cysteinyl Leukotrienes.D. Proud, Kinins.K.F. Chung, Chemokines.D.S. Robinson, Lymphokines.F.K. Chung and P.J. Barnes, Other Mediators of Asthma.P.J. Barnes, Nitric Oxide.P.J. Barnes, Neural Control of Airway Function in Asthma.N.C. Thomson, Humoral Control of Airway Tone.P.J. Barnes, Nanc Nerves and Neuropeptides.P.J. Barnes, Pathophysiology of Asthma.R. Newton, P.J. Barnes, and L.M. Adcock, Transcription Factors.T.R. Bai, C.R. Roberts, and P.D. Pare, Airway Remodeling.D.W. Cockcroft, Allergens.A.J. Newman-Taylor, Occupational Asthma.W.W. Busse, E.C. Dick, R.F. Lemanske, Jr., and J.E. Gern, Infections.S.D. Anderson, Asthma Provoked by Exercise.R.A. Jorres and H. Magnussed, Atmospheric Pollutants.P.J. Barnes and N.C. Thomson, Drug Induced Asthma.A. Szezeklik, Aspirin-Induced Asthma.A. Custovic and A. Woodcock, Allergen Avoidance.I.P. Hall and A.E. Tattersfield, B-Agonists.N.J. Gross, Anticholinergic Bronchodilators.P.J. Barnes, Theophylline.A.J. Chauhan, N.J. Withers, T.M. Krishna, and S.T. Holgate, Cromones.P.J. Barnes, Glucocorticosteroids.P.J. Barnes and K.F. Chung, Mediator Antagonists.C.J. Corrigan, Immunomodulators.P.J. Barnes, I.W. Rodger, and N.C. Thomson, Future Therapies for Asthma.G.K. Crompton, Management of Severe Asthma.A.J. Woolcock, Management of Asthma in Adults.S. Pedersen, Asthma in Children.S.D. Sullivan and K.B. Weiss, Pharmacoeconomics of Asthma Treatments.M.R. Partridge, Education and Self Management.Subject Index.