Assessment and Care of the Well Newborn book cover

Assessment and Care of the Well Newborn

Offering a multidisciplinary approach in an accessible outline format, this practical handbook covers all aspects of care for the full-term, well newborn. Written and reviewed by both physicians and nurses, this new edition presents explanations of the events surrounding delivery, the processes necessary to identify newborns that deviate from the norm, the immediate interventions and care required in these situations, and routine care considerations frequently encountered in caring for these infants. Detailed guidance is provided on assessment, delivery room management, transition and post-transition care, and commonly seen problems. Readers will also find information on the assessment of infections, nursery protocols, standardized physician standing orders, and common drugs and their effect on breastfeeding.

Paperback, 432 Pages

Published: May 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0393-3


  • Section I: Obstetrical Considerations in the Management of the Well Newborn
    1. Maternal Factors Affecting the Newborn
    2. Fetal Assessment, Labor, and Delivery
    Section II: Delivery Room Management
    3. Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant
    4. Recognition and Management of Neonatal Emergencies
    Section III: Evaluation and Care of the Newborn Infant during the Transitional Period
    5. Adaptation to Extrauterine Life and Management During Normal and Abnormal Transition
    6. Birth Injury
    7. Physical Assessment of the Newborn
    Section IV: Post-Transition Care
    8. Feeding the Newborn
    9. Routine Care
    10. Genetic Screening
    11. Circumcision
    12. Immunizations
    13. Legal Issues
    Section V: Common Problems of the Term Newborn
    14. Jaundice
    15. Plethora and Pallor
    16. Approach to the Infant at Risk for Hypoglycemia
    17. The Large-for-Gestational Age and the Small-for-Gestational-Age Infant
    18. Perinatal Drug Exposure
    Section VI: Management of the Infant at risk for Perinatal Infections
    19. Bacterial Infections
    20. Viral Infections
    21. Isolation Procedures
    Section VII: Discharge Planning and Follow-Up Care
    22. Parental Preparation
    23. Discharge Assessment
    24. Post Discharge Care
    Section VIII: Appendix
    A. Parent Advice Guidelines for Newborn Care
    B. Medications and Breast Feeding
    C. Normal Laboratory Values and Conversion Guides
    D. Standard Normal Newborn Orders


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