Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability book cover

Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability answers the question “what are the available methodologies to assess the environmental sustainability of a product, system or process?” Multiple well-known authors share their expertise in order to give a broad perspective of this issue from a chemical and environmental engineering perspective. This mathematical, quantitative book includes many case studies to assist with the practical application of environmental and sustainability methods. Readers learn how to efficiently assess and use these methods.

This book summarizes all relevant environmental methodologies to assess the sustainability of a product and tools, in order to develop more green products or processes. With life cycle assessment as its main methodology, this book speaks to engineers interested in environmental impact and sustainability.

Chemical engineers, students and academics, plus any engineers with an interest in environmental impact.

Hardbound, 608 Pages

Published: January 2015

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-799968-5


  • Preface
    Systems analysis approach to sustainability
    On the Application of Fisher Information to Environmental and Engineering Problems
    SPI - Sustainable Process Index
    Going to a Decision point in Sustainability Analyses
    Overview of Environmental Footprints
    N footprint and the nexus between C and N footprints
    The Water Footprint of Industry
    Life cycle sustainability aspects of microalgal biofuels
    Methods and tools for sustainable chemical process design
    The Built Environment and Embodied Energy
    The Environmental Performance Strategy Map: An integrated LCA approach to support the strategic decision-making process
    Sustainable Design through Process Integration
    Supply and Demand Planning and Management Tools Towards Low Carbon Emission
    Setting a policy for sustainability: the importance of measurement
    Sustainability assessment of buildings, communities and cities


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