Assertive Outreach book cover

Assertive Outreach

A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice

This book gives a comprehensive, evidence-based account of assertive outreach from a strengths perspective. It emphasizes developing a collaborative approach to working with the service user, which stresses the achievement of the service user's own aspirations, and building upon the service user's own strengths and resources. The book provides a comprehensive, authoritative approach to the subject, that combines an overview of the policy and practice issues. It makes use of extensive case study material to illustrate individual and team circumstances.

Paperback, 286 Pages

Published: March 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07375-5


  • Part 1 – A Guide to Policy
    1. The Origins and Evidence for Case Management
    2. The Transformation of Case Management into Assertive Outreach: The Policy Context 1985-2003
    3. The Purpose and Principles of a ‘Strengths’ Approach
    Part 2 – A Guide to Practice
    1. Ethical Dilemmas
    2. The Foundations of Creative Collaboration
    3. Targeting: Who is the Client?
    4. Developing Trusting Working Relationships
    5. Strengths Assessment
    6. Care Planning and Care Coordination
    7. Working with the Service User
    8. Risk-Taking
    9. Practice Based Evidence


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