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The users of this volume will find (1) the experimental solubility data of argon gas in liquids as reported in the scientific literature, (2) tables of smoothed mole fraction solubility data for the systems which were studied over a temperature interval, and (3) tables of either tentative or recommended solubility data when two or more laboratories reported solubility data over the same range of temperature and pressure for a system. Users have the option of using the experimental values, either directly or in their own smoothing equations, or of using the smoothed values prepared by the compilers and evaluators


Published: April 1980

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-022353-7


  • (partial) Foreword



    Argon solubilities (in water, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, organic solvents)

    Systems index

    Registry number index


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