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Architectural Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics, Second Edition presents a thorough technical overview of the discipline, from basic concepts to specific design advice. Beginning with a brief history, it reviews the fundamentals of acoustics, human perception and reaction to sound, acoustic noise measurements, noise metrics, and environmental noise characterization. In-depth treatment is given to the theoretical principles and practical applications of wave acoustics, sound transmission, vibration and vibration isolation, and noise transmission in floors and mechanical systems.

Chapters on specific design problems demonstrate how to apply the theory, including treatment of multifamily dwellings, office buildings, rooms for speech, rooms for music, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, sanctuaries, studios, listening rooms, and the design of sound reinforcement systems. Detailed figures illustrate the practical applications of acoustic principles, showing how to implement design ideas in actual structures.

This compendium of theoretical and practical design information brings the relevant concepts, equations, techniques, and specific design problems together in one place, including both fundamentals and more advanced material. Practicing engineers will find it an invaluable reference for their daily work, while advanced students will appreciate its rigorous treatment of the basic building blocks of acoustical theory.

Professional engineers, consultants and researchers in architectural acoustics, acoustical engineering and related mechanical and architectural fields. Upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking engineering or architecture courses with related modules.

Hardbound, 984 Pages

Published: March 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-398258-2


  • "…a first-rate reference for consultants who practice architectural acoustics or for architects and engineers who are looking for a complete compilation on acoustical techniques."

    -International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration


  • Preface
    First Edition Acknowledgements
    Second Edition Acknowledgements
    Chapter 1. Historical Introduction
    Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Acoustics
    Chapter 3. Human Perception and Reaction to Sound
    Chapter 4. Acoustic Measurements and Noise Metrics
    Chapter 5. Environmental Noise
    Chapter 6. Wave Acoustics
    Chapter 7. Sound and Solid Surfaces
    Chapter 8. Sound in Enclosed Spaces
    Chapter 9. Sound Transmission Loss
    Chapter 10. Sound Transmission in Buildings
    Chapter 11. Vibration and Vibration Isolation
    Chapter 12. Noise Transmission in Floor Systems
    Chapter 13. Noise in Mechanical Systems
    Chapter 14. Sound Attenuation in Ducts
    Chapter 15. Design and Construction of Multifamily Dwellings
    Chapter 16. Design and Construction of Office Buildings
    Chapter 17. Design of Rooms for Speech
    Chapter 18. Sound Reinforcement Systems
    Chapter 19. Design of Rooms for Music
    Chapter 20. Design of Multipurpose Auditoria and Sanctuaries
    Chapter 21. Design of Studios and Listening Rooms
    Chapter 22. Acoustic Modeling, Ray Tracing, and Auralization



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