Aquifer Restoration book cover

Aquifer Restoration

State of the Art

An extensive review of technologies used to restore contaminated aquifers.

Environmental engineers and scientists involved with aquifers.

Hardbound, 764 Pages

Published: December 1986

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1069-7


  • I. IntroductionII. ConclusionsIII. RecommendationsIV. Ground Water Pollution Control Institutional Measures Source Control Strategies Stabilization/Solidification Strategies Well Systems Interceptor Systems Surface Water Control, Capping and Liners Sheet Piling Grouting Slurry WallsV. Treatment of Ground Water Air Stripping Carbon Adsorption Biological Treatment Chemical Precipitation Other Treatment Techniques for Inorganics Treatment TrainsVI. In-Situ Technologies In-Situ Chemical Treatment In-Situ Biological Stabilization ConclusionsVII. Protocol for Aquifer Restoration Decision-Making Background Information Conceptual Framework Preliminary Activities Development of Alternatives Evaluation of Alternatives and Selection of Aquifer Restoration StrategyVIII. Techniques for Decision Making Conceptual Framework for Trade-Off Analysis Importance Weighting for Decision Factors Systematic Comparison of Structured Importance Weighting Techniques Ranking Techniques for Importance Weighting Rating Techniques for Importance Weighting Paired Comparison Techniques for Importance Weighting Delphi Technique for Importance Weighting Scaling/Rating/Ranking of Alternatives Development of Decision MatrixAppendix A: Case Studies of Aquifer Restoration MeasuresAppendix B: Considerations Related to Aquifer Restoration Information CenterAppendix C: Air Stripping of Volatile Organics from Ground WaterAppendix D: Activated carbon Adsorption of Organics from Ground WaterAppendix E: Public Participation in Aquifer Restoration Decision-MakingAppendix F: Risk Assessment as Related to Aquifer Restoration Planning


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