Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics book cover

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics

Australia and New Zealand

A fundamental local law text for undergraduate paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand is the first of its kind to bring together legal and ethical concepts specifically for the Australian and New Zealand paramedic profession.

An indispensable guide for student paramedics, Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand promotes the understanding of ethical principles and legal regulations through realistic scenarios and extensive case studies, which are available both in the book and on Elsevier’s Evolve platform.

The book includes Australian state-specific legislation and local case law, and there is a chapter devoted specifically to the New Zealand paramedic service.

This excellent law textbook focuses on the essential concepts and skills local paramedics need to respond to life-threatening emergencies in often-unfamiliar environments. For paramedics to determine the best course of action in any situation they need an intimate understanding of the profession’s code of conduct and current legal regulations. In its attention to key areas such as consent, negligence, child protection, mental health and record-keeping Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand proves a fundamental resource for the undergraduate paramedic course in Australia and New Zealand.

The textbook’s 13 comprehensive chapters are written in a clear, engaging style ideal for undergraduate paramedic students as well as ambulance service volunteers and practicing paramedics.


Published: October 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-8134-9


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    1 Why introduce paramedics to law, ethics and professionalism?

    2 An introduction to ethics for paramedics

    3 PRECARE - an ethical decision-making model for paramedics

    4 The ethical governance of paramedic practice

    5 An introduction to the legal system and paramedic professionalism

    6 Consent and refusal of treatment

    7 The tort of negligence, standards of care and vicarious liability

    8 End-of-life care

    9 An introduction to child protection and mandatory reporting

    10 The mental health patient in the pre-hospital emergency care setting

    11 Employment and industrial law in paramedic practice

    12 Record keeping and the patient health care record

    13 The use of drugs in pre-hospital care

    14 Paramedic practice in New Zealand - legal issues and current debates




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