Applied Nanotechnology book cover

Applied Nanotechnology

The Conversion of Research Results to Products

Applied Nanotechnology takes an integrated approach to the scientific, commercial and social aspects of nanotechnology, exploring:

  • The relationship between nanotechnology and innovation
  • The changing economics and business models required to commercialize innovations in nanotechnology
  • Product design case studies
  • Applications in various sectors, including information technology, composite materials, energy, and agriculture
  • The role of government in promoting nanotechnology
  • The potential future of molecular self-assembly in industrial production

In this 2e, new chapters have been added on energy applications and the role of nanotechnology in sustainability. The section on the safety of nanoproducts has also been updated, and material on funding and commercialization has been updated and expanded, with new case studies illustrating the experience of new startups in a challenging economic environment.

Engineers, scientists, and developers in biotechnology, micro- and nanotechnology, and MEMS

Hardbound, 240 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3189-3


  • Part I Technology Basics
    1 What is Nanotechnology?
    2 Science, Technology and Wealth
    3 Innovation
    4 Why Nanotechnology?
    Part II Nanotechnology Products
    5 The Nanotechnology Business
    6 Miscellaneous Applications
    7 Energy
    8 Information Technologies
    9 Health
    Part III Organizing Nanotechnology Business
    10 The Business Environment
    11 The Fiscal Environment
    12 Regulation
    13 Nanotechnology companies
    14 The Geography of Nanotechnology
    15 Design of Nanotechnology Products
    IV Wider and Longer-Term Issues
    16 The Future of Nanotechnology
    17 Society’s Grand Challenges
    18 Ethics and Nanotechnology


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