Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid book cover

Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid

Implementing Security Controls into the Modern Power Infrastructure

Many people think of the Smart Grid as a power distribution group built on advanced smart metering-but that’s just one aspect of a much larger and more complex system. The "Smart Grid" requires new technologies throughout energy generation, transmission and distribution, and even the homes and businesses being served by the grid. This also represents new information paths between these new systems and services, all of which represents risk, requiring a more thorough approach to where and how cyber security controls are implemented.

This insight provides a detailed architecture of the entire Smart Grid, with recommended cyber security measures for everything from the supply chain to the consumer.


This book is be geared toward Control Systems operators and IS and IT professionals who are trying to apply security controls to the complex and rapidly evolving Smart.

Paperback, 224 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-998-9


  • "…it’s a thorough overview of both the problem of smart grid security and what you need to do to address it. And it’s not presented in some abstracted, high-level policy fashion – after reading this book, you will have a proper understanding of the work that needs to be done."--Network Security Newsletter, October 2013
    "Computer security professionals Knapp and Samani warn that the smart electrical grid now being planned and designed will be vulnerable to attack."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013
    "…looking for a detailed and technical introduction to smart grid security and a synopsis of the security and privacy issues, Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid: Implementing Security Controls into the Modern Power Infrastructure is a great place to start.", April 8, 2013


  • Introduction

    Chapter 1: What is the Smart Grid?

    Chapter 2: Smart Grid Network Architecture

    Chapter 3: Hacking the Smart Grid

    Chapter 4: Privacy Concerns with the Smart Grid

    Chapter 5: Security Models for SCADA, ICS and Smart Grid

    Chapter 6: Securing the Smart Grid

    Chapter 7: Securing the Supply Chain

    Chapter 8: The Future of the Grid

    Appendix A: Reference Models and Architectures

    Appendix B: Continued Reading



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