Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training book cover

Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It has been written to encompass the basic anatomy, physiology and pathology required by the syllabus of the UK Royal Colleges and the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Project. For this Second Edition many of the chapters have been updated, especially the chapters on immunology, basic microbiology, the endocrine and locomotor systems and the breast. An attempt has been made throughout to indicate the clinical relevance of the facts and the reason for learning them. There are several new contributors to the author team, all of whom are experts in their field and many of them are, or have been, experienced examiners at the various UK Royal Colleges.

Paperback, 660 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-08-045140-4


  • SECTION I: General Pathology and Microbiology

    1. Cellular injury

    2. Inflammation

    3. Thrombosis, embolism, infarction

    4. Disorders of growth, differentiation and morphogenesis

    5. Neoplasia

    6. Immunology

    7. Basic microbiology

    SECTION II: Specific Systems

    8. Nervous system

    9. Cardiovascular system

    10. Haemopoietic and lymphoreticular system

    11. Respiratory system

    12. Locomotor system

    13. Head and neck

    14. Endocrine system

    15. Breast

    16. Paediatric disorders

    17. Alimentary system

    18. Genitourinary system


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