Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory in Human Factors book cover

Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory in Human Factors

The development of the theory of fuzzy sets was motivated largely by the need for a computational framework for dealing with systems in which human judgement, behavior and emotions play a dominant role. Although there are very few papers on fuzzy sets in the literature of psychology and cognitive science, the theory of fuzzy sets provides a much better model for human cognition than traditional approaches.By focusing on the application of fuzzy sets in human factors, this book provides a valuable, authoritative overview of what the theory is about and how it can be applied. An impressive feature is the broad spectrum of applications, ranging from the use of fuzzy methods in the ergonomic diagnostics of industrial production systems to approximate reasoning in risk analysis and the modeling of human-computer interactions in information retrieval tasks. Equally impressive is the very wide variety of disciplines and countries represented by the contributors.


Published: December 1986

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-42723-6


  • ...I recommend this book to those who wish a better understanding of the field of fuzzy set theory...performs a most valuable service to the profession.
    International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

    ...a unique contribution to the methodologies available for human factors specialists.
    Contemporary Psychology


  • The Concept of Fuzziness: An Introduction. Human-Machine Communication. Human Operator: Judgement and Reliability. Design and Analysis of Work Systems. Mental and Physical Workload and Stress Evaluation. Bibliographical Notes. Author Index.


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