Aotus: The Owl Monkey book cover

Aotus: The Owl Monkey

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Primatologists, biomedical researchers that use primates (especially those that use owl monkeys), mammalogists, and animal scientists. Those interested in studies of visual systems will be interested because Aotus has been used often in these sorts of studies. Thus, neuroscientists represent a significant secondary market.

Hardbound, 380 pages

Published: September 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-072405-5


  • "The main purpose of this book is to bring together in one volume a diverse body of information about the owl monkey. One of the books great strengths is that it accomplishes this goal so well."
    --Stephanie W. Krasnow, in ASLAP NEWSLETTER

    "The book is clearly written and well-edited overall."


  • S.M. Ford, Taxonomy and Distribution of the Owl Monkey.R. Aquino and F. Encarnacion, Owl Monkey Populations in Latin America: Field Work and Conservation.P.C. Wright, The Behavior and Ecology of the Owl Monkey.A. Dixon, Reproductive Physiology of the Owl Monkey.J.F. Baer, Husbandry and Medical Management of the Captive Owl Monkey.C.A. Malaga, Handrearing the Owl Monkey.R.E. Weller, Infectious and Noninfectious Diseases of Owl Monkeys.W.E. Collins, The Owl Monkey as a Model for Malaria.N.W. King, The Owl Monkey in Oncogenic Virus Research.T.E. Ogden, Opthalmologic Research in the Owl Monkey.J. Allman, R. Jeo, and M. Sereno, The Functional Organization of Visual Cortex in Owl Monkeys.J.H. Kaas, The Organization of Sensory and Motor Cortex in Owl Monkeys.Subject Index.


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